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Summer Camp Calendar & Structure


Thank you for your interest in this year’s ICF Summer Camp. We have a newly revised program which will include activities, special guests, field trips and quality time with our scholars.  

Below we’ve published a Calendar of Events.  Please note that we’ve left the Activities, Special Guests and Field Trips as generic names because we want you and your kids to be surprised.  


Building Character this Summer

  1. Our camp is about building character.  Our main focus is that the kids have fun but we want to make sure they are in the right environment and can naturally learn important lessons that demonstrate our core Islamic Values.
  2. As a result each Week is Themed:
    • Week 1: Friendship
    • Week 2: Cleanliness
    • Week 3: Gratitude
    • Week 4: Humility
    • Week 5: Honesty
    • Week 6: Respect
    • Your child will be learning important Hadiths, Duas and Nasheed related to these Themes, inshaAllah.
  3. We have a variety of activities in the following categories:
    • STEM
    • Art
    • Fitness
    • Life Lessons


Typical Camp Weeks

  1. Mondays are a regular day of activities.  
  2. Tuesdays we try to include a Special Guest to break up the schedule and entertain the kids.  Children are split to run activities when they are not watching the Special Guest.
  3. Wednesdays is similar to Tuesdays but is called “Shaykh Time” where the kids get a chance to learn more about the weekly Themes in the form of Stories as it relates to Islam.  
  4. Thursdays are Field Trip Days or Field Days (last week of each Camp Session)


Job & Volunteer Opportunities for Our Youth

This year we’re trying something new. Not only are your fees contributing to the fun activities we have planned, but they will also serve a greater purpose. We are giving an opportunity to our Youth to have a chance to work as a paid position or Volunteer.

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