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I’TIKAF 2019

I’Tikaf Registration Form: Click Here

I’Tikaf Liability Form for Minors: Click Here


  1. The registration for I’Tikaf is done in person by filling an I’tikaf form and provide a valid Government issued photo ID (School ID for Youth) at Masjid Administration office. Registrants must provide an emergency contact who can be reached and be available promptly upon being contacted.
  2. ICF may decide to open up extra space for short-term I’Tikaf (1 to 3 days or over weekends). In that case, a separate signup sheet will be posted.
  3. Persons staying for full 10 days will be given priority over those staying for shorter durations.
  4. Person staying for I’Tikaf must be self-reliant (not needing others’ assistance to function).
  5. For youth staying alone, the I’Tikaf age limit is 16 years old or above on the day of registration.
  6. For youth or young kids staying with a parent, age limit is 10 years old or above on the day of registration.
  7. Younger kids will not be allowed to stay with signing parents or older friends. Each person must register separately.
  8. Space is limited and signup is on first come bases.
  9. ICF will allocate an area for I’Tikaf. Brothers staying in the masjid will use ONLY the allocated area for sleeping. No bedding/ pillows will be allowed outside this area.
  10. During prayer times, no sleeping or lying down will be allowed.
  11. As Adan is called, beds must be rolled and stored neatly in a corner to accommodate congregation (especially during Jumma, Maghrib and Isha).
  12. Food:
    1. Food is not allowed in prayer halls. Temporary permission is granted to eat in the I’Tikaf area.
    2. In the I’Tikaf area, plastic sheet must be laid down before sitting down for Sehri or Iftar.
    3. Providing food is not masjid’s responsibility.
    4. No warmers, cooker, heaters are allowed in I’Tikaf area.
    5. Food is to be arranged by brothers staying for I’Tikaf – and to be delivered by their families or friends. General ICF congregants may also provide food but can’t be counted upon.
    6. Only the brothers staying for I’Tikaf are allowed to eat in that area. Prompt cleaning up after meal and preparing the area for prayer is their responsibility. No storage of leftover food in that area.
    7. Use masjid’s refrigerator for temporarily storing food that must be consumed between Iftar and sahoor the same day. Put your name on that food. ICF is not responsible if food is consumed by someone else or lost.
    8. Make sure you empty/ remove your food on daily basis from the refrigerator as volunteers are tasked to clean the refrigerators on periodic basis.
  13. Cell Phones:
    1. You can keep cell phones on you provided on silent.
    2. For taking/ making phone calls, step out of main prayer hall. No phone calls in masjid praying or I’Tikaf area.
    3. Gaming and texting not allowed.
  14. Be respectful to each other, masjid volunteers, and management. Make I’Tikaf a good rewarding experience to all.
  15. ICF management reserves the right to eject someone from I’Tikaf on discipline violation and not permit in future.
  16. ICF reserves the right to amend these rules anytime without prior notice
  17. By registering for I’Tikaf, each person acknowledges to have read these rules and agree to abide by them.
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