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Imam Committee

Under the Shura guidance, Imam Committee is dedicated to coordinate all religious activities of ICF.


  • Help in obtaining religious verdicts from the scholars of ICF.
  • Recommending to the shura the starting days of the Ramadan and 2 Eids
  • Determing with scholars help the amount for Zakat-ul-Fitr and help Treasure with disbursement.
  • Recommend and Maintain list of Khutba speakers and Eid Khutba.
  • Maintain daily prayer leads list.
  • Ramadan activities/programs and Taraweeh arrangements.
  • Work with scholars for setup of timings of daily prayers and announcements for same.
  • Designing various religious programs for ICF with the help of scholars.

Committee Members

Azfar Saeed Lead
Saad Siddiqi Co-Lead
Yahia Hammad Co-Lead


For questions or comments, please email imamcommittee@friscomasjid.org

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