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Shaykh Mubeen Kamani


Shaykh Mubeen Kamani was born in Chicago, IL to a mother who reverted from Hinduism and later grew up in Elizabethtown, KY. At very tender age, Shaykh Mubeen Kamani pursuit his lifelong journey of Islamic knowledge, starting at Islamic Institute of Elgin. Shaykh continued his journey of knowledge traveling to Pakistan, India, Buffalo, NY & Manchester, UK.

During this journey of knowledge, Shaykh had the privilege to study under the guidance of prominent scholars of our time. In year 2005, Shaykh Mubeen Kamani received “ijaza” and graduated in Islamic Theology, Fiqh, Islamic History and Seerah from an acclaimed Darul Uloom Al Arabiya Al Islamiya, Bury UK.

Since graduation, Shaykh Mubeen Kamani has dedicated his time serving the community in ways of, Masjid Imam, jumma khutba, seminaries, youth halaqa series, seerah & hadith series for youth, Europe tour, Hajj and Umrah leader, religious panel & Islamic school teacher. Shaykh Mubeen Kamani is also co-founder of exclusive Islamic clothing line. Most importantly, Shaykh Mubeen Kamani values the upbringing and teachings of his parents that has help him shape his life.

Most recently, Shaykh Mubeen Kamani served as Islamic middle school Islamic studies teacher. The time served as teacher gave Shaykh insight and ability to work closely with youth and be relevant to their needs. Shaykh customized the courses to make deen relevant and adaptable for youth. He focused on providing individual attention and prepared them to become community leaders. Shaykh Mubeen also offered weekend classes to high school students, providing a relevant approach to bringing Islam in to their lives and showing students how to cope with life’s challenges by turning to the Qur’an and Sunnah.


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